Increase motivation and train with a friend or in groups

If you feel more motivated when there are others around and prefer to train with a partner, friend or in a group I am able to work with you to organise a joint training schedule or a one off group event.  You could be a small group of friends working towards a sponsored challenge event for charity, run an independent business networking group or a company Director seeking to inject something a little different into your team building exercises. Below is an outline of some of the areas I can help. Feel free to give me a call for a chat if you have other ideas you would like to explore.

Business networking events and team building

It takes energy to run a businss and/or manage a team. For those responsible for organising group events and looking for something outdoors at an affordable price then I can design a one day Team Fitness Day. We can agree a location that will include interesting stop off points and get people talking and walking. Starting with warm ups and stretching, I will guide the team across our agreed route, stopping for exercises or simply taking in the surroundings away from the office walls.

Friends, family and couples

Its not always fun doing exercises on your own and sometimes you can benefit simply by being joined by a friend, partner or family member. Its also more cost effective. You may just want to shape up for your wedding with your Maid of Honour, have a bet with a friend to reach a joint goal or may want to have a peaceful and supportive environment with someone you care about who is recovering from an illness or injury. Being in a personal training environment, I am able to adapt my own personal style to the clients who are with me.

Sports teams

I have worked with a number of sports teams as a fitness conditioning coach. If you manage a sports team and looking for this service I can talk to you about group sessions to increase stamina, fitness and motivation within your team.