Getting started on your journey to an active and healthier lifestyle

The initial Health & Fitness Assessment is the first stage.  We start to get  to know each other and understand what we want to achieve – TOGETHER.

We will talk through where you are now, how you feel about your current level of  fitness, general health and most importantly the ways in which this may be effecting your day to day life.  You may have very specific and determined fitness goals you wish to achieve,  are focused and simply looking for high motivation and support. If this is not the case, we will work through the improvements you would like to make, the pace you are comfortable with and then provide the right support and guidance.

Pesonal training requires a commitment but the rewards you will gain from a personal fitness training regime will make your efforts worthwhile.

During your assessment we will discuss our client / trainer relationship, and I will guide you through a thorough health & fitness appraisal which will consist of the following:

  • Blood Pressure Analysis
  • Weight & Body Fat Analysis
  • Lung Capacity & Cardiovascular Analysis
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition Analysis
  • Strength Analysis
  • Flexibility & Mobility Analysis
  • Health & Fitness Goals

Following your assessment, we will discuss your results and agree on realistic and achievable health and fitness targets.

I will then prepare a training programme tailored to your current fitness levels and abilities which will allow you to work towards your ultimate health and fitness objectives.