The unique personal training experience

With genuine ‘one to one’ personal training you will reach your goals. You may find it challenging at times but  you will build up your confidence, your  fitness levels AND have fun along the way!

Whether you are a beginner looking to lose weight, tone up or generally improve your levels of fitness, a serious body builder, a sports enthusiast, or disabled with special needs your personal programme will be exactly that – PERSONAL.

I am also very skilled and experienced in training people for the levels of fitness required for applications to  the armed forces. This is one of my very unique programmes. If you are preparing for the fitness test and initial training I will be able to prepare you to meet the demands with confidence.  This programme can also be applied to those seeking to join one of the emergency services, such as the Fire Brigade and Police Force with similar fitness entry requirements.

Following your Health & Fitness Assessment we will identify your own individual needs and then set realistic and achievable goals. You will have a training programme designed where you will be guided through each exercise to ensure correct movement, posture and positioning. You will also be given instruction on how to use fitness equipment in a safe and effective manner.

Each session will be varied and enjoyable in order to maintain high levels of motivation. This approach is supported by ongoing discussions on nutrition and eating habits so you can experience the benefits in a short space of time.

This is a unique atmosphere with real personal attention where you are able to talk openly and confidentially about any personal concerns and where we work together to achieve your goals.

The following is an overview of the specialised health and fitness areas that are taken into consideration when designing your programme. 

  • Lifestyle & Nutrition
  • Weight Loss & Conditioning
  • Body Sculpting
  • Core Stability
  • Weight Training
  • Bodybuilding
  • Boxing Fitness
  • Medicine Ball Training
  • Circuit Training
  • Wedding Shape Up Plan
  • Military Fitness Training
  • Group Fitness Training
  • Facilitated Stretching
  • Back Care Management
  • Special Needs