Sophie Guess

“I needed some direction with my gym and fitness training regime. I was training every day but not quite achieving the results I was after. Franco discussed lifestyle and nutrition with me and gave me a daily food diary log to complete between sessions, which he would then scrutinise to help me cut out the things which were no good for me and adding things in, which would help me (especially drinking more water, which was the hardest thing of all!)

I have definitely achieved results – by continuing the exercises I have done with Franco, including cardio work, weight training, learning new techniques and correct breathing whilst exercising, some unique abdominal exercises (which were tough!!) and the many other routines such as boxing fitness and circuit training to mention a few.  I am so pleased I met Franco – his sessions are not just hard work but great fun too and he knows exactly how to push you just beyond what you think your body is capable of and most importantly achieve results”.


 Mercy Jeyasingham, Management Consultant

“I have never exercised in my life when I turned 40 I became concerned about my health. I began training with Franco and through his encouragement and guidance I lost two stones in six months and have developed a level of fitness I have never experienced before.

My body shape has totally changed and I regularly receive compliments from friends and family. He has been so effective for me that I asked him to train my mother who is in her 70s diabetic and visually and hearing impaired.

He has worked miracles with her and her levels of fitness and agility have vastly improved and she seems a much younger woman.”



Philip Moat B.Sc(Hons) CEng MICE Practising Civil Engineer and Project Manager

“The benefits to my personal well being and fitness of the training regime that Franco has maintained with me have been absolutely immense. In terms of my personal well being my increased fitness levels have correspondingly increased my self confidence. His skill as a personal trainer is such that he has been able to set me routines that continually stretch and improve my fitness, in terms of strength, stamina and endurance, to levels I did not initially think possible. Franco’s military background and the resulting experience he has gained of maintaining a high degree of fitness mean that the range of routines and exercises that he can offer is huge.

Franco has worked with me to improve my eating and drinking habits, which has gone a long way to enable me to sustain the high levels of fitness I now enjoy. Underpinning all this is Franco’s personable and generous nature, which makes every session under his direction such a rewarding experience. This marks him out as an ideal personal trainer as he is not only able to influence your fitness levels but also the general quality of your life.

Tiggy and Martin Mulleney

“Franco has been our Personal Trainer since March 2002. Our motive was primarily to get fit and for my husband there was the added reason of developing his balance and motility skills following a brain tumour.

Franco is always challenging and testing us to train beyond our capability, often without us even realising it, the sign of a good teacher. For Martin he was able to exercise strenuously for the first time in 5 years. His confidence in many motility skills such as running, jumping, skipping and general body balance has improved beyond expectation since the brain tumour. I have achieved weight loss and a toned body.  Exercising with Franco has helped us feel more energetic and less tired. This tailor-made approach to training is to be recommended. Franco’s high degree of professionalism, positive, attitude, good humour and constant encouragement makes our training sessions enjoyable. We would have no hesitation in recommending Franco as a first rate Personal Trainer”

Jeremy and Clare Shepherd

My wife and I were on the verge of middle age lethargy when we were recommended to meet Franco, which we did with (it has to be said) some scepticism. However, after the Personal Training Experience Introductory Session we were so taken with him and what he had to offer that we decided to take on one of his Fitness Packages for couples. Quite simply, it’s been the best thing we’ve done in ages! We have since become client’s of Franco’s who somehow manages to keep the sessions fun and entertaining whilst really making you work at the same time. We’ve ended up doing exercises and using pieces of equipment we’ve not had experience of before, so there’s always a freshness to what we do. As well as physical training, he’s also advised us on diet and nutrition, and all in all has made a huge difference. We’re both leaner and fitter, have a lot more stamina and generally feel healthier and better than we have for years. And every week we get an hour together away from the kids without feeling guilty!

Tricia Boyce, Retired Teacher

“I am a 55-year-old retired teacher who is surrounded by food through my catering business.

I have trained with Franco for seven years and he has been an inspiration to me in the way I have changed my lifestyle. I am a much fitter and healthier person and feel much younger than my age. My personal training sessions with Franco have become a part of my life and I would like to thank him for his unceasing personal interest in my welfare”