The following was written by 2nd Lt Neil POSTHUMUS AAC, one year before attending Sandhurst

I am currently preparing to join the Army as an Officer and undergo a very demanding training programme both mentally and physically.As a rugby player, I consider myself to be reasonably fit. After undergoing the Personal Training Experience Introductory Session with Franco Gasparotti I soon realised that my all round fitness levels weren’t up to the standards required.

Following Franco’s professional advice, I decided to undertake the six – week Sports Specific Training Programme, which contains a number of specifically designed specialist modules. I chose the Military Fitness Training Module, which has been specifically designed by Franco to prepare anyone who is preparing for a career in the Armed Forces for the physical and mental demands of recruit training which is an arduous six month training course.

This module consisted of military style fitness training made up of cardiovascular, strength and endurance training, self defence, boxing fitness as well as the fundamentals of safe and effective exercise. The training starts at a steady pace building up to an advanced high tempo regime, which certainly pushes you to your limits. Franco’s experience and the programme he has developed is a perfect introduction for anyone wishing to prepare properly for a career in the Armed Forces. I would like to thank Franco for his professionalism, tough disciplined but good humoured approach to preparing people like myself for what lies ahead.


One year following Sandhurst Neil writes:

I have always been a pretty happy-go-lucky character and didn’t fully comprehend the rigours and sometimes harsh discipline that I was going to experience during officer training at Sandhurst. I was very lucky to have met Franco about a year before I was to start my training and in hind-sight nothing and no-one could have prepared me better for what was to follow.

Not only was the competitive, high intensity nature of his training package extremely challenging and rewarding, but it was the hours of discussion and “war-stories” that we had in Franco’s own time that truly made the difference in my mental approach to what laid ahead.

I truly believe that if it wasn’t for the time I spent under Franco’s wing I would never have been so confident in those early days and weeks during the course when everyone else was flapping.

This made the course all the more manageable as I didn’t fall into any of the potential traps that so many cadets fall into as they lower their guard and become complacent.

I have a lot to thank Franco for and wish him all the best with his Military Training Package and highly recommend him to anyone that wishes to embark on a military career.